Reihokan Museum

This museum keeps and exhibits priceless assets of the 1200-years-old temple, including National Treasures, Important Cultural properties, and documents of historical importance.

Sando (Approach)

Several-hundred-years-old soaring cedar trees stand along the 2-kilometer path leading from Ichinohashi Bridge to the mausoleum Kobo Daishi (Kukai). More than 200,000 tombs for people of all classes (from common townsfolk to military commanders) have been built among the trees, their presence attesting to the deep faith in this holy mountain.

Kobo Daishi Gobyo

Upon Kukai’s death, his disciples erected a mausoleum beside the Tama River woth its crystal-clean water. Even today, many people visit the mausoleum to worship Kobo Daishi.

Gobyo-bashi Bridge

This bridge leads visitors to the mausoleum. Before crossing the bridge and entering the “sanctuary”, it is a custom for visitors to groom themselves and make a deep bow to Kukai, who is believed to be still alive in the mausoleum and offering prayers for all people across the world.