Konpon Daito (Great Stupa)

The present structure was rebuilt in 1937.The 48.5-meter-high tower painted in vermillion lacquer enshrines a statue of Taizokai Dainichi Nyorai and four statues of Kongokai Buddha.Together with colorful images of other deities painted on the 16 pillars and walls, these statues of Buddha comprise a mandala.


As the main hall of the temple complex, the Kondo is used for important Buddhist ceremonies. Although the hall was originally built by Kukai in 819, it has been repeatedly destroyed. The present hall was rebuilt for the seventh time in 1932. The hall enshrines a statue of Yakushi Nyorai as a main deity.


The original structure of the Chumon gate was destroyed in fire in 1843. One hundred and seventy-two years after the destruction of the original gate, in 2015, the present gate was rebuilt as part of a project to celebrate the 1200th anniversary of Koyasan.


Daimon, the majestic gate of the temple complex, measures 25.1 meters high. The present structure was rebuilt in 1705. Two statues of guardian deities stand on both sides of the path.

Kongobuji Temple

Kongobuji is the head temple of more than 4,000 temples of the Shingon sect of Buddhism in the world. The temple’s highlights include elegant pictures on sliding doors by well-known artists, a grand kitchen, and the room where Toyotomi Hidetsugu was forced to commit suicide.