Guest House SUZUMENO KAKUREMBO is located on the west side of Koyasan, home of several registered World Heritage Sites. The guest house sits in a fantastic area, which allows easy access to many nearby tourist attractions both on foot and via bus.

The guest house itself is a 2-story wood-constructed home and is a standard, Japanese-style household.

So that our guests can have a more comfortable stay, we have hired the master craftsmen behind the construction of the KOYASAN CHUMON GATE and other temples.Guests can stay in a normal Japanese home, which usually consists of a Japanese tatami-laid room and Western flooring.Another great feature at our guest house is in what’s located next to it.Guests can enjoy lunch and dinner at a Japanese charcoal fire BBQ restaurant and bar





The guest house represents a standard Japanese home, complete with both a tatami room and Western wood flooring.We have prepared both 2-person and 3-person rooms.Keys are available for each room.Guests are responsible for the management of any and all valuables.



  • There are no televisions or phones in the rooms.
  • There are no toilets or showers in the rooms.
    The restroom and bathroom are joint rooms, and depending on the time of day they may become crowded. We ask for your understanding on this matter.
  • There are no toothbrushes or bathrooms in the rooms.(Bath towels are available, however.)
  • The entire guest house forbids smoking. Please utilize the smoking space outside near the front door.
  • Sheets will not be renewed for multi-night stays.
  • Meals will not be provided.
  • There is no kitchen in the guest house.
  • Eating in the rooms will be allowed, but please take care when eating not to stain the flooring.
  • Free Wi-Fi will be available for all guests.
    Wi-Fi spots are located in each room, and can be accessed for free via any device that has Wi-Fi functionality.
  • お部屋には、テレビ・電話はございません。
  • お部屋には、トイレ・シャワーはございません。
  • トイレ・シャワーは、共同でのご利用となります。時間によっては混み合う場合もございますので、予めご了承下さい。
  • 歯ブラシ・浴衣などのご用意はございません。(タオルの準備はございます)
  • 当ゲストハウスは、全館禁煙となっております。喫煙は玄関外の喫煙スペースにてお願いします。
  • 連泊のお客様のシーツの交換は行っておりません。
  • お食事の提供はございません。
  • キッチンはございません。
  • お部屋の中での飲食は可能ですが、食べこぼしなどでお部屋を汚さないようご注意ください。
  • フリーWi-Fiがつかえます。


HISAYA IGARAMI (Born in 1958)

Managerial Experience: 35 years I have managed charcoal-fried yakitori restaurants in both Osaka and Koyasan, for 19 years and 16 years, respectively. I hope to provide all guests with the utmost care and hospitality, so that they may enjoy their time to its fullest.


EMI IGARAMI (Born in 1966)

I have worked with Japanese traditional kimono for around 17 years in Osaka. For those interested in our traditional garb, please feel free to speak with me.